How to Reignite the Fire, Avoid Boredom, Increase Satisfaction, and Divorce-Proof Your Marriage



How is your marriage...really? 

Most marriages struggle because couples "drift" away from each other in four key areas:




and Communicatively

This drift only increases with time. In fact, most couples only seek help after an average of SIX YEARS of drifting apart in small and then big ways.

This doesn't have to be the case for you!

Epic Intimacy features 22 Catholic marriage experts from multiple disciplines who guide you through the four levels of marital intimacy, and teach you how to make your marriage stronger than ever before. The session dive deep into real-life problems and practical solutions.


Here's What You Get:

13 In-Depth Sessions (11+ hours!) with Marital Experts

Learn from the most trusted Catholic marital experts the tactics, tools, and habits necessary to take your intimacy to the next level. Designed to be done with your spouse or on your own.

The Epic Intimacy Couple's Guide

Each Session comes with a downloadable guide that provides the content outline, discussion questions, and a specific activity for you to accomplish. 

BONUS: The Catholic Marriage Masterclass

This collection of 7 inspiring session features some of the most loved and effective experts on marriage and family in the world! 

Epic Intimacy is Now Available!

The EPIC Intimacy Series

Only $207

Save 30%!

  • LIFETIME Access to 13 In-depth Sessions with over 20 experts (11+ hours!)
  • A curated week-by-week plan delivered via email
  • BONUS 1: The Epic Intimacy Couple's Guide with detailed outlines and activities for each session (downloadable)
  • BONUS 2: Access to the powerful Catholic Marriage Masterclass
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you implement the strategies in EPIC and you see no improvement, you can request a full refund within 30 days.
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What Couples Are Saying:

“I am just so grateful to God and to this ministry. My husband and I are on a new adventure together."


“Being able to communicate explicitly with my spouse letting him know how I truly feel about things has been the greatest obstacle in our marriage. I know what I need to address moving forward now.”


"My walls are coming down after so many years. My heart’s desire is becoming a reality.” 


"Thank you for new hope!"

Collections & Individual Presentations

Emotional Intimacy Collection

These three powerful presentations will help you connect better emotionally with your spouse.

1. Deep Connection with Your Spouse by Jake & Heather Khym

2. Opening Pathways to Emotional Intimacy by Dr. Bob Schuchts

3. Eight Marriage Friendly Habits by Dr. Greg Popcak



Buy Now, $64

Physical Intimacy Collection

These four powerful presentations will help you connect better physically with your spouse.

1. The Joy of Making Love by Chris Stefanick

2. The Art of Making Love by Greg Bottaro

3. The Science of Making Love by Dr. Monique Ruberu

4. The Gift of Making Love by Dr. Christopher & Wendy West


Buy Now, $79

Intellectual Intimacy Collection

These three powerful presentations will help you connect better intellectually with your spouse.

1. Dream Together Again! by Dr. Sarah & Nathan Bartel

2. How Well Do You Know Your Spouse? by Dr. Edward & Beth Sri

3. 3 Styles of Attachment by Dr. Mario Sacasa


Buy Now, $64

Communicative Intimacy Collection

These three powerful presentations will help you communicate at a deeper level with your spouse.

1. Discernment of Spirits in Marriage by Fr. Timothy Gallagher

2. Prayer is the Foundation of Everything by Matt & Jenn Lozano

3. We're In This Together by Byron & Francine Pirola


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Deep Connection
with Your Spouse

by Jake & Heather Khym

Buy Now, $24

Opening Up Pathways to Emotional Intimacy

by Dr. Bob Schuchts

Buy Now, $24

8 Marriage-Friendly Habits

by Dr. Greg Popcak

Buy Now, $24

The Joy of Making Love

by Chris Stefanick

Buy Now, $24

The Art of Making Love

by Dr. Greg Bottaro

Buy Now, $24

The Science of Making Love

by Dr. Monique Ruberu

Buy Now, $24

The Gift of Making Love

by Dr. Christopher & Wendy West

Buy Now, $24

Dream Together Again!

by Dr. Sarah & Nathan Bartel

Buy Now, $24

How Well Do You Know Your Spouse?

by Dr. Edward & Beth Sri

Buy Now, $24

The Three Styles of Attachment

by Dr. Mario Sacasa

Buy Now, $24

Discernment of Spirits in Marriage

by Fr. Timothy Gallagher

Buy Now, $24

Prayer is the Foundation of Everything

by Matt & Jenn Lozano

Buy Now, $24

We're in This Together!

by Byron & Francine Pirola

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