The Marriage Masterclass

#1: What's Holding Your Marriage Back?

Discover how to remove the obstacles that keep you from finding the joy you desire.

- A 7-part Masterclass (one per day)
- 7 Essential Topics, 8 Expert Presenters
- Couples Activities, Challenges, Prayers

*Begins Sunday, June 21st!*


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You'll Learn:

  • The healing that must take place for a marriage to thrive
  • How to take your marital intimacy to a level you never thought possible
  • What to stop doing (and start doing now) when conflicts arise
  • How to build up a support network of other married couples
  • What you must do to take care of yourself as a couple for the good of your family... and more!
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Masterclass Hosts

"God's Plan for your Marriage"

"Moving from Struggles to Solutions"

"Taking Care of Yourselves as a Couple"

"7 Deadly Wounds: Getting to the Heart of Your Conflicts"

"How to Build A Support Network for your Marriage"

"The Biology Behind Marital Intimacy"

"The Healing That's Needed for your Marriage to Thrive"

Begins Sunday...
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The Marriage Intensive Masterclass includes:

  • Powerful Sessions each day with expert guests

  • Q&A (Anonymous) from Audience in each session

  • Practical take-aways that will impact your marriage, today

  • LIVE on Facebook (for All Access Pass Members), but recordings will be available daily after each session if you just purchase the Masterclass.

  • You'll get LIFETIME Access to the material so you can revisit over and over.

  • 100% of the proceeds go directly to supporting the presenters, ministries, and Catholic organizations producing the masterclass.
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