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With more than 70 presentations, including the recordings of the live summit sessions, you will be able to watch or listen on-the-go and on your schedule. Revisiting the presentations will be especially helpful when you and your spouse start your Marriage Summit 30-Day Challenge Journal.

Couple's 30-Day Challenge Journal

The Challenge Journal provides the key insights from core Summit themes and presents them in an organized and intentional challenge for you as a couple. It’s a self-guided recharge for your marriage!

The Marriage Masterclass

Seven discussions with with top experts 

No matter where your marriage is right now, the Marriage Intensive is designed to help make the good parts great, the weak parts stronger, and get you communicating about important things in between.  The Marriage Masterclass is hosted by Damon and Melanie Owens and features a topical expert for each session. You’ll get important insight, practical advice, and be challenged each lesson to examine a fundamental aspect of your marriage.

Couples Dream Template

A couple that dreams together, grows closer together! This powerful template will walk you through a step-by-step process to break free from the self-imposed limitations you've placed on yourselves as a couple and as a family, and help you dream big, together! (Download in the All Access section).

Bonus Presentations & Downloads

You'll gain access to exclusive presentations, worksheets, templates, and more!

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  • Bonus presentations.  ($25 Value)
  • Couples Dream Template  ($47 Value)
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