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June 11:  Marriage Summit Opens 3 PM EDT (USA) AND starts with the Welcome Summit Presentation.
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Thursday, June 11: Day One of the Marriage Summit

  • Welcome Summit Presentation - Damon & Melanie Owens (All Registrants)
  • 4 PM: Live Presentation: How to Really Give Yourself to Your Spouse with Christopher & Wendy West (All Access)
  • 9 PM: Live Presentation: Change Your Marriage Mindset, Change Your Marriage with Chris & Natalie Stefanick (All Access)

Friday, June 12: Day Two of the Marriage Summit

  • 10 AM: Live Presentation: What it Would Look Like if Your Marriage Came with an Owners Manual? with Danielle Bean  (All Access). Sponsored by Tan Books
  • 1 PM: Live Presentation: The Beautiful Mess of Parenting with Bill & Rebecca Donaghy  (All Access)
  • 3 PM: Live Presentation: The Mind Blowing Truth about What God Wants Your Marriage to Be with Bobby & Jackie Angel  (All Access)
  • 9 PM: Live Presentation: Your Upbringing Impacts Your Marriage More Than You Think with Dr. Edward & Beth Sri  (All Access)

Saturday, June 13: Summit Closes Midnight EST

  • 10 AM: Live Presentation: Bridging the Gap Between the Marriage You Have And The Marriage You Want with Dr. Greg & Lisa Popcak  (All Access)
  • 1:30 PM: Live Presentation: Creating a Culture of Dreaming in the Home with Ryan & January Donovan  (All Access)
  • 3 PM: Live Presentation: Healing from the Past. How Sexual Wounds are Impacting Your Marriage with Dr. Bob Schuchts   (All Access)
  • 4 PM: Live Presentation: His Needs, Her Needs--Friendship, Working Together & Marital Intimacy with Dr. Edward & Beth Sri (All Access)
  • 9 PM: Live Presentation: Rediscovering Joy in your Marriage with Damon & Melanie Owens  (All Access)
  • 10 PM: LIVE Closing Summit Presentation: Where Does Your Marriage Go From Here? with Damon & Melanie Owens (Main Facebook Group - All Registrants)

Talks and Presenters

Please see the schedule below (subject to change).

Together Forever... The Gift of Permanence in Marriage
by the Beans

Marriage is Worth It!
by the Hahns

Looking Back Over the Years
by the Rays

HUMANUM: Your Marriage is Your Own Project for the World
by CanaVox

The Drama of Human Love... JPII's The Jeweler's Shop & Us
by the Samours

Loving God More Than You Love Your Spouse
by the Angels

Love by Design: When God's Blueprint for Your Plan is Better than Your Best Laid Plans
by the Daunts

Building a Domestic Church: Easier Said Than Done
by the Dawsons

Humility & Vulnerability as the Keys to Happiness
by the Dezelskis

A Spirituality for Every Day of Marriage: The Prophecy Hidden in Your Vows
by the Grabowskis

Praying for Your Spouse...It Changes Everything!
by the Hartfiels

Just Say Yes!
by the Lombardis

The Holy Spirit in Marriage - How to Be a Prophet of God's Love to Your Spouse
by the Lozanos

Radical Obedience: How Doing God's Will Keeps Marriages United, Faithful, and Fruitful
by the Luzondos

5 Ways to Turn Differences into Delights
by the Butlers

Date Night During a Pandemic
by the Cotters

Language of Love: Building Intimacy with Words
by the Carringtons

The Perfect Marriage? Weaknesses, Vulnerability and Rest
by the Hickmans

Good to Great: Strategy & Mission to Maximize Marriage Success
by the Noronhas

How To Have A Super-Charged, Next-Level, Catholic Marriage
by the Popcak

Courageous Love: How Vulnerability is Key to Deeper Intimacy and Emotional Unity
by the Georges

Make Love, Not War. Keys To Improving Your Sexual Intimacy
by the Hernons

The Hidden Manuals We Keep For Our Spouse
by the Ingolds

Rhythms to Refresh Your Marriage: Simple Practices to Deepen your Relationship
by the Kidds

Love Smart: How to Love with More Joy and Greater Impact
by the Pirolas

Be Not Afraid: Meeting Jesus in the Trials of Your Marriage
by the Sris

How Do You Keep The Music Playing?
by the Tilghmans

THE MARITAL DANCE: Staying in Step with God's Love Song in Joys and Trials
by the Wests

Family of Origin Issues That People Go Into Marriage With
by the Bottaro

Spousal Sandpaper: Bring on the Abrasion!
by the Colellas

How to Argue Fairly
by the Fradds

I Can't Make You Happy Taking Responsibility For My Own Emotional Life For The Sake Of A Flourishing Marriage
by the Kirks

That They Might Be One Read The (Re)Finement Print Of Marriage
by the Mancinis

"Say What?!" Do's & Don'ts of Communication
by the Sablans

Do Catholic Couples Fight? Five Tips for Overcoming Negative Habits
by the Swaffords

Living Generously: Expanding Our Understanding of Openness to Life
by the Chapmans

Tie Her Tubes; Tie Her Tubes. . . Our Journey To Embrace Life
by the Daltons

Living A Eucharistic Marriage Blessed, Broken, And Poured Out
by the Donaghys

Somebody's Missing The Miracle Of Adoption
by the Owens

The Contraception Conundrum
by the Te Brakes

How Giving God Control Of Everything Blessed Our Marriage
by the Tierneys

The Gift Of A Child With Special Needs
by the Corrigans

Children See - Children Do - Children Change Everything
by the Gills

Forgiveness and Healing in Marriage
by the Alexanders

Water Into Wine How God Transformed Our Marriage
by the Bartels

Persevere! Overcoming Faith Differences, Infertility Struggles, And Other Challenges. . . Together
by the Bereits

Weathering the Storm: 4 Tips for Staying United During Trials
by the Buraks

Breakdown = Breakthrough: How Faith Saved Marriage
by the Llerenas

Bearing One Another's Burdens: Caring for Your Marriage When One of You is Struggling
by the Muldoons

Joyful "Even After" Trials And Tribulations
by the Raymundos

RISE Feature Film: Mark's Story
by Cardinal Studios

RISE: Jesus As Self-Sacrificing Spouse
by Chris Stefanick

STRIVE Feature Film: Crissy's Story
by Cardinal Studios

From Ashes to Roses - how God redeemed our Marriage and changed our lives
by Dr. Monique Ruberu & Gerard Wijeyeratne

When God's Plans Are Not Your Plans Navigating The Unexpected In Marriage
by the Weinerts

Life By Design...Not By Default
by the Donovans

United in Mission
by the Greenfields

The Best Marriage Tip Ever
by the Padgetts

How to Be Happier in Your Marriage
by the Stefanicks

A Tried And True Recipe For A Happy Marriage
by the Tomeos

Grieving Together - Journeying Through Miscarriage and Child Loss
by the Breauxs

Love is Stronger Than Death: Dealing with the Loss of a Spouse
by Dr. Bob Schuchts

Feature Film: Teresa's Story
by Red Bird Ministries

We Have Two Families and It's Great! Enriching Your Marriage through a Community
by the Katigbaks

God-Couples: Accompaniment On Our Marriage Journey
by the Lykes

The Power of Two (and more!) How Other Couples Can Lead Us Closer to Christ
by the Sucgangs

5 Ways to "Be Light" and Change the World
by the Verrets

When Peaks Become Valleys: How to Get Good Help

by Dr. Greg Popcak

What if Marriage Came With a Manual?
by Dan and Danielle Bean

Grow Your Parish by Ministering to Marriages
by Communio

Money Management In Marriage
by the Tandarichs

Money Mistakes That Leave Couples Strained And Drained (And How To Fix Them Without Fighting
by the Teixeiras

When Peaks Become Valleys How To Get Good Help
by the Popcaks

PMS - the Root Of Many Broken Marriages
by the Dr. Monique Ruberu

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